The CYCLEAN Bio-Tech cleaner is specially designed to meet the highest demands of cycling enthusiasts. It is a high performance, biodegradable, non-corrosive friction-free cleaner that will remove the most stubborn soil residue. CYCLEAN can be applied to all surfaces and components that constitute a bicycle. Protect your investment and keep your bike in new condition by adopting the CYCLEAN by Dirt-Care.

CYCLEAN is safe for carbon fibre, aluminum, anodised metal, paintwork, chrome, steel, rubber, plastic, decals and composites.

Pre-wash your vehicle first to remove any accumulation of mud, dirt and/or dust. Thoroughly apply CYCLEAN Bio-Tech cleaner to all surfaces of your bicycle. Then leave on for thirty (30) seconds to one (1) minute before rinsing generously with clean water. If you are not using a pressure washer, scrubbing with a brush may be necessary.

Available Size:
1 Litre Spray Bottle (DC-CY1L)
4 Litres (DC-CY4L)
20 Litres (DC-CY20L)